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Remuneration Strategies provides flexible management plans to private, public, start-up and international companies, and we tailor the level of outsourcing to meet the needs of individual organisations. These services include:

  • Full outsource plan administration and management for a range of equity plans, including 

  • broad-based plans

  • performance-based plans

  • loan-funded plans

  • start-up plans

  • employee remuneration trust plans 

  • Process implementation with training and support for high-level managers from a dedicated Client Manager

  • Ongoing confidential and personalised support for both organisation and employee-shareholders, with timely resolution of queries and anomalies

  • Flexible and convenient online communications for employers and plan participants

  • Online employee self-service portal with a full range of transaction services, including a share sales facility, dividends, foreign currency service, and FAQs 

  • Detailed and accurate reporting, including ESS electronic reporting, and the documenting of transactions 

  • Australian and Global compliance and accreditation 

  • Customised training for all employees, from the board to the broader workforce, with implementation seminars and handbooks delivered in plain English to ensure a thorough understanding and maximise participation 

  • Trustee services​ through our associated companies

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