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Business Partners at Work


Remuneration Strategies has been providing independent professional advice to Public Companies, Private Companies and Not For Profits on the appropriate and equitable market reward, fixed (base) remuneration for over 20 years.


Our expertise ranges from non-executive director remuneration to chief executive officers and other senior management positions for Public and Private Companies to advice for family employee members, to advice for Not For Profit organisations and their senior executives.

Remuneration Strategies has also provided advice on Remuneration levels for legal court matters.

Flexible Remuneration Planning

Australia's comprehensive system of taxing salary and fringe benefits has meant employees can design their remuneration package to suit their individual needs and preferences.

Remuneration and Financial Planning

There can be no more challenging task for employers than to attract, retain, motivate and protect valuable employees.


People at every level of an organisation (from the Managing Director to the Janitor) can either be its most valuable asset or its major liability. One of the major objectives facing management is to transform its workforce from the latter to the former, thereby creating an empowered employee for the organisation.

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