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Share Plan Administration

Expert Guidance

Through its associated company, Equity Plan Management Pty Ltd, we have the ability to carry out all of the administration of an employee share plan, or just part of this function. In either case, it ensures that companies have as little hassle as possible in the administration of their plans.


Equity Plan Management specialises in the Administration of employee incentive and share plans for private and public companies ranging from 7,000 to 2 employees. Concentrating in both Australia and New Zealand, EPM provides a seamless solution for administration of employee share plans and incentive structures.


Administration of share plans is often complex, with many issues, both major and minor arising.


Remuneration Strategies and our associated companies are highly responsive, and will work closely with clients to achieve the objectives of their plans.

A successful employee share plan does not end with its design. Both Communication and the ability to sell the plan to employees are crucial. Employees themselves will often have queries or requests, and Remuneration Strategies will communicate to each employee as an individual as required, as well as providing each employee with a comprehensive handbook outlining the plan and the benefits of participation and presenting seminars that communicate the benefits of participation to employees.

From design to implementation and administration, we will work closely with company decision makers to ensure the success of your employee incentive plan.

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